Safety concept

2G RULES and COMPULSORY MASKS for indoor installations and light shows

Admission to the light show in the Hofkirche, in the Casineum and to the indoor light installations in St. Peter’s Chapel, in the Meilihalle and in the Raiffeisenbank is only permitted for visitors with a valid COVID certificate (vaccinated, recovered). Wearing a mask is also compulsory. For the guided Lilu tour, 3G (vaccinated, recovered, tested) applies. The COVID certificate is only valid together with an official ID (to check your identity). Kids under the age of 16 don’t need any certificate.

No certificate is needed to visit the light installations in the city. However, please follow the hygiene and behavioural rules of the Confederation. We recommend wearing a mask if there are a lot of visitors.

You can find an overview of the tests offered in the canton of Lucerne here:

Stay careful and adhere to the hygiene and behavioural rules of the federal government. You can find more information here.